Tryouts and Registration

We are a competitive track club in Oakville, Ontario for athletes from age 10 and we hold tryouts every September for new athletes unless transferring from another track club, city, province or country.

September tryouts
The tryouts are held on two separate days after the school year begins in September.  Each session lasts approximately 2 hours and prospective athletes are expected to attend both tryout days.  Coaches assess athletes during the tryouts which mimic regular track practices and successful athletes will be asked to join the club for the months of September through December.

The fee for the September – December session is $325.00 and includes track and mental performance coaching, two to three practices a week, equipment and usually one track meet.  The fall session allows athletes and coaches an opportunity to see if the club is the right fit for the athlete. At the end of December, athletes may be asked to join the club for the following calendar year.

Annual registration
Our yearly registration fee is $1,600.00 and is non-refundable.  This fee covers track and mental performance coaching, two to three practices a week from January to December, practice facility fees, equipment, a competitive uniform, a hoodie and fees to all track meets.  There is no mandatory fundraising.

Transfers from other track clubs
If you are already registered with another track club and wish to transfer to our club during the year, please email and indicate that you are interested in a transfer.

Transfers from other cities, provinces, countries
If you are new to Oakville and missed our scheduled tryouts, please email us directly at