Code of Good Behaviour

By becoming a member of the Oakville Renegades Track Club, I agree to adhere and follow the “Oakville Renegades Track Club Code of Good Behaviour ” outlined below:

  1. Athletes must respect human rights, namely equal rights of each Athlete, coach and administrator, with no discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinions, national or social origins.
  2. Athletes must respect the dignity and recognize the contribution of each individual Athlete.
  3. Athletes must acknowledge and respect the rules of competition. This respect should extend to the spirit as well as to the letter of the rules in both training and competition.
  4. All Athletes must exhibit respect for officials.
  5. Athletes should never smoke while training, nor consume alcohol beverages or any other banned substances before athletic performances that affects their performance or competence.
  6. Athletes must follow all set guidelines & rules when traveling and competing at any track meets. This includes all curfews and individual schedules.
  7. Athletes are required to adhere to their training programs and to compete to the highest level of their ability. Athletes must arrive on time for training sessions, and advise the Head Coach if unable to attend a training session.
  8. Athletes must adhere to and to abide by the rules and procedures of Athletics Canada, Athletics Ontario (AO) and the Oakville Renegades Track Club.  Specifically, you are required to have read, understood and agree to the following policies available on the Athletics Ontario website:
    • Athletics Ontario Waiver
    • Athletics Ontario Drug Use and Doping Control Policy
    • Athletics Ontario Member Code of Conduct
    • Canadian Anti-Doping Program
    • and that you have reviewed the Government of Ontario Concussion Awareness Resources (Rowan’s Law) applicable to your age.
  9. Athletes will not be permitted to practice with, or enter an event until all Club membership forms have been signed, furnished with proof of age, and all fees paid, along with Minor Track Association (MTA) and/or AO registration forms.
  10. Athletes are required to compete in the official Club uniform.
  11. Athletes are required to pay Club fees promptly when due.
  12. Any Athlete wishing to protest an event must do so through the Head Coach or, if no Head Coach is present, through a Club coach, or if no Club coach is present, through the Club Executive Committee member present.
  13. Athletes must follow the direction and guidance of the coaches and respect the coaches and their decisions at all times.
  14. Athletes are required to sign a Code of Good Behaviour on an annual basis at the time of membership application and/or renewal.
  15. Athletes shall comply with the Club policies and by-laws.